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Favorite First Family (and first couple), The OBAMA’S!



Barack and Michelle’s relationship was/is the bedrock. You can see the love, respect, dedication, trust, accepted responsibility (even flirtatiousness!) that they stlll share….to this day. This ain’t no show! It’s their life….every day. Their, solid as a rock, relationship is the basis of their happy family. If you’ve yet to find your prince charming take this as a case study and don’t be fooled into thinking that: you can change somebody: you can make them love more if you just do more; they’ll see the light; they’ll suddenly start treating you better, they’re worth it….if they aren’t. Don’t waste your love and life on someone who isn’t “your” one.

Beautiful and Michelle is pure Malia in the second picture.

Legit relationship goal

Love them both…

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AU: When Louis and Harry came out together they received an overwhelming amount of support. But not everyone was very happy for them. Beyonce had developed an obsession with Harry and was not happy to see him in a relationship in which she was not his wife. She stalked them for weeks, plotting… But when she saw Harry fliritng with Louis over Twitter she had enough. She followed Louis to his soccer game and shot him. 

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i hate that most zombie movies are written from a perspective universe where there is no zombie lore. i want a zombie move written from the perspective of our universe where everyone knows what a zombie is and everyone tries to figure out what kind of zombies they’re dealing with.

there’s one neckbeard in the group that carries a machete and won’t stop quoting the zombie survival guide